The  Marshalls enjoys a cooler more temperate climate than Indonesia during the winter season. Temperatures are brought down by the constant North East trade winds. These winds blow pretty well constantly from  November – March at between 10 and 25 knots sometimes hitting 30 knots on the odd day. Most of the surfbreaks handle the wind well, particularly at low tide with the wind being side offshore at the takeoff, becoming more offshore as the waves bend around the reef. The water temperature though remains in the 80’s. Mosquitos are not a problem and there is no malaria. Generally speaking, the islands and the surrounding reefs are a pristine marine environment.

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Accommodation is now in our luxurious Beran Island Resort, all rooms with air conditioning, freshly made beds, laundry, meals, snacks, sodas & beer, and entertainment all at your disposal when you are not in the water or exploring the islands.  MV Indies Trader and Windward are now used as support vessels for the Resort, taking you to surf breaks, diving, and fishing missions.

Our TVs are stocked with hundreds of movies and the latest TV shows to watch at night or during off times.  Feel free to bring DVD’s or movies on usb drives to watch with your group, and iPods or iPhones to hook up to our stereos.



We take pride in the high quality ingredients, preparation and presentation of our food for every guest of every trip.  Our chefs are traditionally trained either in the US or Australia, and bring with them years of experience and diversity.  Locally grown vegetables and fruits, high quality meat, freshly caught fish & imported high quality specialty ingredients are all included in every galley and stocked to the brim on every trip.

Specialty diets are all accommodated – vegetarian, vegan, low carb, low fat, paleo, etc – Please send us a note prior to your trip and we will add a note on the trip notes, notifying the chef ahead of time &  stocking accordingly with extra specialty foods if necessary.

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The areas on and surrounding Beran Island are a waterman’s paradise.  Surf off the island, follow the swell by taking one of the boats to a reef pass, dive wrecks and pristine reefs, fish for marlin, explore empty sandy coconut islands.  We guarantee you will never have a lack of activities and will always be stoked.

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