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Welcome to our Pacific Ocean paradise: Beran Island

I first drove through the pass right in front of Beran Island on my exploratory trip through the Marshalls in 2006. For some reason, it felt like home. As it turned out, it was the best place in the atoll, with a combination of location, surf out front, and a perfect anchorage. We were really lucky to be able to secure it, and the rest is history.” -Martin Daly

Over 2,000 miles southwest of Hawaii, Beran Island might not be the easiest place to access, but that’s the point. This private island is just about as far away from the crowds as you can get, making it an exclusive hideaway for ocean lovers from around the world.

Spanning 45 acres, Beran Island is covered in coconut palms and hardwoods typical of a sandy atoll. It’s surrounded by colorful reefs and world-class surf. Expect sunny skies, a comfortable breeze, and turquoise water as far as you can see. Peak surf season is from October – April, with North Pacific groundswell providing the best waves.



Beran Island Resort

Luxury Accommodation at Beran Island Resort

Even though Beran Island is nearly as far away from any major land mass as you can get, you certainly don’t have to rough it while you’re here. Savor delicious meals crafted by our private chef and rest your head in a comfortable bed after an exciting day on the water.


When Martin Daly decided to develop Beran into an exclusive resort island, he knew the accommodations had to be worthy of making the trip from so far away. Carefully designed to his specifications, Beran Island Resort came to life as the ultimate place to relax and recharge in between action-packed days in the waves.

The property was built over five years, from 2010 to 2015, and it was thoughtfully laid out to be an eco-friendly maritime base for surfers, divers, kiters, boat engineers, and anyone else finding themselves on Beran.

The resort itself has only 8 rooms, accommodating up to 16 guests. Every room features plush Casper mattresses, high-quality imported linens, Haiku fans, and, of course, refreshing air conditioning.

Beran Island Resort, Marshall Islands

Upstairs rooms are the premium accommodations, with king-size beds and private bathrooms. The large windows open up to a deck with panoramic views. These rooms also have desks and ocean-inspired decor and artwork.

Downstairs Room in Beran lodge

The rooms on the lower floor have a split-level layout and are ideal for friends or families. The main level has an oversized twin bed, and upstairs in the loft area is a queen-size bed. This setup lets guests share a room while still enjoying plenty of privacy.

The downstairs rooms can access the shared toilet and shower rooms, which sit directly across the hall. There is also a wraparound porch with chairs on this level.

Pool table in Beran resort

On the top level of the property is one of guests’ favorite spots to hang out. The living room up here features the dining room, two sitting areas, a bar, and upstairs in a loft, a billiard table. After catching some spectacular footage during the day, our guests always love viewing photos and videos on our big screen.



Dining at Beran Island Resort

Dining at Beran Island Resort

You’ll definitely work up an appetite out in the waves, so the kitchen and dining room areas are always popular hang-out spots. Here is where you’ll find Chef Mango whipping up gourmet meals throughout the day. Accommodation includes three meals per day and beverages, and we are happy to accommodate any dietary preferences.

Do keep in mind Martin’s one rule when it comes to mealtimes (the same rule he has on his sailing trips): no shirt, no food! We like to keep things at least a little classy around here.

Like on any surf trip, we find that fellow guests turn into great friends quickly, so meals feel more like get-togethers with old pals, often running late into the night with lots of laughs and stories.

In addition to meals, snacks and coffee are available around the clock – just help yourself.



Upstairs rooom in beran lodge

Beran Island Resort Inclusions

When you book a stay at Beran Island Resort, you don’t just get a bed and a lifetime of memories. Our reservations start at 7 nights, and every reservation includes the following:

-All your meals (breakfast, lunch, minimum two-course dinner, and snacks) prepared by our wonderful Chef Mango
-All beverages including beer, soda, house spirits, and wine
-Internet access (500Mb included, option to purchase additional internet usage)
-Transfers to/from Ailinglaplap Atoll airstrip and Beran Island
-Transfers to/from surf
-Fishing expeditions in Ailinglaplap Atoll
-Use of dive gear for certified divers and refills
-Laundry service

Our rates do not include:
-Any airfare, overweight charges, or airport taxes
-Any phone calls made from the resort phone
The Beran Island Essentials

For full pricing and schedule, please request access to our password protected website


Weather on Beran Island

We didn’t realize the true extent to how good the waves off the island were, we were mainly stoked on what a great anchorage it was. Most surf resorts don’t have great anchorages, although you spend all your time getting off and on boats.” – Martin Daly

Throughout the year, the water temperature hovers between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 32 degrees Celsius), and the air temperature is similarly warm. And you can forget about taking malaria pills here; mosquitos are not a problem. Do, however, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!

The surf in our atoll, Ailinglaplap, is the best in the Marshall’s. In 2006, Martin spent 6 months going to every single atoll and reef pass in the Marshall Islands. While he found breaks in other atolls, the waves around Beran are by far the best, thanks to the formation of the atoll and its reefs.

During the winter season, temperatures in the Marshall Islands are cooler than in Indonesia due to constant trade winds blowing from the northeast. These winds blow pretty constantly from November to March – between 10 and 25 knots, sometimes hitting 30 knots.

Even during the winter season, most of the surf breaks handle the wind well, especially at low tide, with the wind being side offshore at the takeoff and becoming more offshore as the waves bend around the reef.



Things to do on Beran Island

The best things to do on Beran Island aren’t actually on the island at all, but in the water surrounding the island. The obvious choice is to surf, but that’s not the only watersport to enjoy around here.

The normal routine is to range out from the island on a day trip to take advantage of that day’s particular combination of tides, swell and weather. Depending on the forecast, we’ll use different craft. If it looks like we may have a big swell that is going to last a few days, we may head out to a farther-away swell in one of the larger boats in order to stay overnight out there. We’ll stay as long as the swell lasts.

Watercraft on Beran Island include the legendary MV Indies Trader, the Indies Surveyor, the MV Windward, the Indies Trader 2 (a 45-foot sportfisher and day boat), 23-foot Shark Cat fast day boat, and a few large tin boats. Jet Skis are also available for day use, or utilized as surfing assistance / tow backs to the lineup / tow ins when the waves are good.

However, there’s also great surf and kiteboarding right off the island – no boat trips required. From November to July/August, winds average 15 to 25 knots.

The most consistent waves are a 10 or 15-minute boat ride from the wharf. Further spots are are 10-12 miles away, or about an hour boat ride. We can take day trips to any or all of these spots – and we will if and when there is swell.

Why stay on the surface when you can explore the underwater world too? Beran’s pristine environment makes it an incredible place to dive, with thriving reefs and impressive marine life.



Sustainability on Beran Island

Before even breaking ground on Beran Island, Martin Daly was determined to make whatever development was to come on the island as sustainable as possible. In an effort to preserve the island’s fragile ecosystem and stunning natural beauty, he came up with some creative solutions.

In order to provide luxurious accommodations, serve food for a crowd, and stay comfortable in the island heat, electricity is a necessity. But when you’re thousands of miles from land, building a sustainable source of electricity was Martin’s first challenge.

Martin and his team built a massive rain catchment system below the resort which collects the tropical rainfall and passively cools the property. Next up was building a 28-kilowatt solar system complemented by a 20-kilowatt wind turbine system, which harvests energy all day and all night. These feed a large battery bank, and have a generator backup system, but the renewable systems harvest so much energy that we need to keep the air conditioning on to use all of the power we create.

Solar setup in Beran resort

In addition, due to the resort’s positioning just behind the palm tree line on the windward side of the island, there’s always a nice breeze coming through the open areas, especially in the evening hours.

The team at Beran Island Resort is committed to leaving the smallest possible environmental impact; besides the wind, water, and solar electricity programs, the resort also works with the government of the Marshall Islands to further the shark sanctuary program, supporting the efforts to make shark fishing illegal in the area.

We also recognize that coral reef bleaching is a serious problem in much of the world, Martin and the Beran Island Resort folks collaborate with various NGOs on reef preservation. On many occasions, we have provided coral samples and assisted with research missions. After all, we want future generations to enjoy the oceans as much as we do today.



Travel to Beran Island Resort

Wondering how to get to Beran Island? Our minimum stay is one week (Saturday to Saturday), but we give the same recommendation as an Indo boat trip, to stay for two weeks to maximize your potential of getting at least one large ground swell. Many guests who book just one week wish they could stay longer.

To access Beran Island, we recommend flying from your home airport to Honolulu, Hawaii on Thursday evening and doing an overnight. From there, you’ll fly to Majuro on Friday morning, crossing the International Date Line, (arriving Saturday) where a member of our team will be awaiting your arrival.

Drone footage of marshall islands - Reo Stevens

Together, you’ll take a domestic flight from Majuro to the outer atoll, which takes about 40 minutes. One of our boats will be waiting near the airstrip to bring you to the island. The sailing time is just about 30 minutes. All in all, you’ll arrive around 4pm on that first day. Detailed Travel Page

Traveling to Beran Island Resort for the first time? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, filled with good surf and great people. Returning to the island? Welcome back home.

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Thanks to Eric and his crew for this awesome video showing the travel, arrival, and time on the island.

Moona Whyte came with Reo Stevens and Keahi Di Aboitiz for one of our Marshall Islands Kiteboarding Retreats. Some great footage of kiting, surfing and life on the island here.


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