Until recently surfing and kiteboarding have been the main reasons most guests visit Beran Island but fishing is yet another reason to come out and stay for a week or two! With great light tackle trolling for Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi just minutes from the dock, lagoons loaded with Jacks, Snapper, Grouper and more fly fishing opportunities and monster DogTooth Tuna in the passes Beran is a fishermans’ paradise.

Just like coming on a surf trip, its best to bring your own fishing gear. We do have trolling tackle and lures for pelagic species but spinning, jigging and fly tackle should be included in your personal gear list. A travel rod or two in your board bag and a small tackle kit of lures, leader material etc and you’re good to go. I’ve attached a photo of an afternoons catch this season

There are spearfishing opportunities in the passes and blue water for very experienced divers only. We do have a good supply of snorkeling and scuba gear on hand here, again if you have your own, bring it!

If you plan on spin fishing in the lagoon a medium light / medium weight rod with 10-20 test will do the trick. The further you can cast the better. Small spoons, swim baits and poppers work well here.A medium to medium heavy popping rod is a good idea if you want to target the larger jacks and snapper. GT’s have been seen but are not common near Beran. There are reefs further north to explore if targeting larger reef fish is the goal. Please keep in mind that the lagoon areas are a marine preserve and we practice catch and release. A good pair of reef shoes is a must if you plan on stalking fish on foot.

The flats fishing is something we haven’t explored much and we are anxious to get anglers looking to find new untapped fishing areas around the atoll. Just like surfing uncharted breaks, the fishing here has the potential to be world class. Lets go find the fish! There are tons of shallow water areas to check but so far we haven’t seen any Bonefish near Beran, there are smaller jacks and lots of miscellaneous creatures roaming the shallows. The 5-10# sharks are everywhere and fun to pull on with light spinning and fly gear. The possibility of hunting for a flat further north with Bonefish on it may be an option if we have a good weather window and anglers interest in exploring with us. Fly rods in the 8-10 wt class with shrimp, crab type patterns and some streamer flys should do the trick.
If you want maximum action close to the resort, Vertical jigging is the ticket! Huge Dogtooth are lurking just minutes from the dock and there are other passes to fish less than a half hour boat ride away. A heavy, xh or xxh rod with your choice of spinning or conventional reel and jigs in the 150/200 gram range with a short cable leader will get your arms burning and back aching from the strain of 60-100# doggies doing their best to break you. Be prepared!

The game fishing in the Marshalls is world class. There is virtually no commercial fishing around the atolls and inside the lagoons. There is an active sport-fishing club in Majuro and there are frequent tournaments. Billfish are common and Blue Marlin over 500lb are frequently caught. Large billfish can be caught in perfectly calm water close to the shoreline on the lee sides of the atolls. We have teamed up with our local partners son Ben Riemers and his crew. Ben is arguably the best and most enthusiastic sport fisherman in the Marshalls and has landed literally thousands of Billfish. Indies Trader offers specialized outer Island fishing charters where we use the Indies Trader as a mothership for accommodation and bunkering in conjunction with Ben’s sport-fishing boat the XXXX. The boat is a fully equipped fishing weapon with everything you would expect. IGFA compliant, well maintained, seaworthy and comfortable.

Saltwater fly fishing is also available with one of our experienced captains and fishing guides. Bonefish and Permit are common in the shallow flats of the atolls. Giant Trevally and Dogtooth Tuna are common on the drop offs on the outer edges of the reef and coral heads in the lagoons.

We can tailor a fishing charter to your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss available options.