“I first drove through the pass right in front of Beran Island on my exploratory trip through the Marshall’s in 2006.  For some reason it felt like home.  As it turned out, it was the best place in the atoll- with a combination of location, surf out front, and a perfect anchorage.  We were really lucky to be able to secure it and the rest is history.  We didn’t realize the true extent to how good the waves off the island were, we were mainly stoked on what a  great anchorage it was.  Most surf resorts don’t have great anchorages, although you spend all your time getting off and on boats.”

– Martin Daly

Beran Island

A typical atoll sand island, about 45 acres, covered in coconut palms, with many substantial hard wood trees as well, Beran is truly central to all the surf in the atoll, and we can see the two most consistent breaks from our new lodge.  Over the last 6 years, we have been building infrastructure on the island.  We have put in two miles of roads, a concrete wharf, and our main building with our off grid power station, large workshop, and 8 really comfortable rooms for up to 16 guests.  The surf season is from Oct – May, with North swells, similar swells that hit the North Shore of Oahu during the winter months.

Currently we have the MV Indies Trader 1 & 2, the Windward, a 23-foot Shark Cat, and 4 jet skis based at the island.  On the two main boats, Indies Trader 1 and Windward, we can accommodate up to 20 guests.  The normal routine is to range out from the island on day trips on one of the craft, depending on personal requirements. If it looks like we have a big swell that is going to last a few days, we may take one of the larger boats or both up to one of the further away passes and stay overnight or as long as the swell lasts.  There is surf and great kite boarding right at the island, the most consistent waves are a 10-15 minute tin boat ride from the wharf.  Our most demanding and powerful wave as well as our most classic point setup are accessible for quick trips via tin boat or speed boat or to take either the Indies Trader or the Windward to park right next to the break and allow our passengers to surf all day as they please.

The surf in our atoll is the best in the Marshall’s.  In 2006, Martin spent 6 months going to every single atoll and reef pass in the Marshall Islands.  While we found breaks in other atolls, the waves around Beran are by far the best.

Most people try to make comparisons to Martin’s greatest discovery, the Mentawai Islands.  The surf in the Marshall’s gets as good as anything in the Mentawai Islands on the better days – the world’s best surfers have made numerous strike trips to Beran over the past few seasons, in particular to get score at the heavier break, described as a down-the-line Backdoor.  We don’t get the oily calm conditions as often (though it does happen), but the swell is comparable in consistency and size.  The trade winds blow from the last week in November usually the end of March.  The wind blows East to North East (for the Rights) and a bit less rarely from the South East (for the lefts).  As a result the wind is pretty well always offshore or side offshore. The kiters and wind surfers rate the Marshall’s as possibly the best surfing location in the world.  During the season, average wind speed is usually within the 15-20kt range.

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We currently have more specific information regarding the surf, pricing and plans for the future of Beran Island.

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