What do you suggest I pack for my trip?

The best advice when packing for a surf trip is to pack as light as possible.

We suggest the following


  • Long sleeve rash vest / 1MM Wetsuit Top
  • Booties / Reef Walkers
  • Surf Hat-means you can stay out longer
  • Heavy duty waterproof sunscreen, lip balm
  • 2 or 3 Pair Boardshorts
  • 1 Pair Walk / Boat Shorts
  • 3 Tee Shirts
  • A collared shirt, pair of long pants and shoes for traveling
  • Sandals
  • iPod / iPhone / Headphones / Charger
  • International power outlet converters
    • Boats have AUS type outlets – Usually just the plug converter for iphone / computer chargers that support 110/220v
  • Extra supplements, vitamins, specialized food items for personal use that will not be available on the boats (cliff bars, protein powder, etc)
  • Seasickness medicine if susceptible (Patches seem to work the best)
  • Prescription medications (Please keep in prescription bottle with your name on them)
  • First Aid for cleaning reef cuts – Neosporin, Hibeclens, Tylenol, Antibiotics for Staph ( see Preparing for Your Trip for more info )


  • 2-4 boards
  • Tropical Surf Wax – remove your old cold water wax before the trip
  • New leashes-dont get caught out with on old tired leash!
  • Spare fins (stiff glass or carbon fibre)
  • Fin key
  • Spare leash tethers
  • Solarez
  • Wind / Kite Gear


  • Camera / Batteries / SD Card Readers / USB flash drives for Photos
  • Laptop / Charger / Power plug converter (most chargers are 110/220v)
  • Specialty dive equipment – mask, snorkel, fins, dive computer

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How many boards should I bring and what type rides best out there?

Most people bring 2-4 boards. Most people will ride their standard shortboards most of the time but a good idea to follow is to track the swell forecast before your trip and plan accordingly. Most people bring 4 surfboards – two shortboards (6’2″), one mid sized board for when it gets a little bigger (6’5″), and one gun for the biggest days (6’10″).

If you are going to bring an extra board we would suggest a replacement for the board you will use the most as it is not uncommon to break boards.

Power Converters

Our electricity is 220v, see below for which boat you are on, for a picture of the correct converter.
Most Laptop chargers, iphone charges etc allow 110v-220v, so you will just need the plug converter. If not, you will need a 220v to 110v Converter – Available Online.

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3 Prong (2 Prong will work as well at 220v)



Baggage Fees

You can expect baggage fees both ways on your airline. Fees will depend on your ticket and airline


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Singapore Airlines usually does not charge for surfboard bags, as long as the total weight of your bags fits in your baggage allowance. If one small checked bag is 20LB and your board bag is 80LB you would qualify as 100LB. For this reason, sometimes is better to bring an extra small checked bag to double your baggage allowance.

For Suites, First Class, & Business – 2 x 70lb Bags (140LB/64kg Total)
For Economy Class – 2 x 50lb Bags (100LB/46kg Total)

Keep in mind you will have to get the bags checked at security, so you may want to stay with them to make sure boards are protected when they zip the bag back up.

More info on Singapore Air
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Garuda generally does not charge extra for baggage, but their limits are set on their site as follows:

For Suites, First Class, & Business – 88lbs Allowance (30kg)
For Economy Class – 44lbs Allowance (20kg)

*Tipping the porters in Jakarta for the domestic transfer can help you get to a nice Garuda agent who will be more likely to not charge you. Again a $2 – $5 tip is plenty.

More info on Garuda Airlines
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Air Asia will charge you a sports equipment fee for a surfboard bag (not to exceed 109 inches / 277cm). It is cheaper to use the calculator linked below and to prepay online when you know how much your bag weighs.

You can use the baggage calculator here to calculate price and prepay at a discount this fee.

Example fee – KL to Padang

Sports Equipment (Pre Paid online)
International (up to 44lb/20kg) ~$19 USD / ~$20 AUD / 60 RM
International (up to 55lb/25kg) ~$21 USD / ~$25 AUD / 70 RM
International (up to 66lb/30kg) ~$30 USD / ~$30 AUD / 90 RM
International (up to 88lb/40kg) ~$40 USD / ~$48 AUD / 140 RM

Sports Equipment (Airport counter)
International (up to 44lb/20kg) ~$19 USD / ~$20 AUD / 60 RM
Additional charge of ~$15 USD / ~$17 AUD / 50 RM PER KG after 20KG

Prepay and calculate costs on Airasia.com