Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. The Marshalls is one of only four atoll nations in the world. It is made up of 29 coral atolls and 5 single islands spread out over an exclusive economic zone of nearly 1 million square miles.

There are only 70 square miles (171 square kilometers) of land. All low lying sand islands with no topography. Majuro is the capital.

The Island Chain Lies Between 4deg. and 19 deg. North latitude and 160 deg. and 175deg. East longitude. Total population is around 60,000 people the majority of them living in Majuro (+- 20,000 people) and Kwajalein, (+- 12,000 people) Atolls

The Marshalls is one of the most isolated  nations in the world. For the watersports enthusiast the Marshalls offers more than almost any other destination.

  • The clearest water almost anywhere in the world, underwater visibility of over 200ft  (60 meters) is common.
  • Warm 80 degree plus water-no wetsuit required
  • Intact coral reefs with virtually no human impact. The Marshalls avoided the big coral bleaching events of the last decade. There are fantastic old growth coral gardens. There is almost no commercial fishing  around the Atolls and in the lagoons.
  • Great empty surf-no other surfers, consistent ground swell
  • No other tourists
  • Steady tradewinds that create ideal conditions for  kitesurfing and windsurfing on long righthand reef points. Steady NE side offshore. We’ve identified eleven great breaks!!
  • World class game fishing, from Marlin to Bonefish.
  • US friendly, USD is the currency, no visa requirement for US citizens.
  • Western style government in close association with the US
  • Warm hospitable English speaking local people.
  • Safe, no terrorists, low crime, no ethnic tension
  • Healthy environment, clean air no pollution. The nearest city is thousands of miles away just a fresh breeze blowing over all that clean ocean, you can really tell the difference in the air quality


Indies Trader is making a 100% commitment to watersports tourism in the Marshall Islands. We have the Bikini Diving Concession, run live aboard dive trips to Kwajalein and Bikini from May to October and Surf trips from November to April. We have two super seaworthy and well maintained live aboard charter boats positioned in Majuro. The world famous Indies Trader  and the newest addition the Windward. Both vessels are docked right at RRE Shoreline in front of the Majuro’s best hotel.  The Robert Reimers Hotel and restaurant the “Tidetable”. We have great support facilities right there, A beautiful office with a sunset bar for guests and friends, overlooking the marina amd moorings, A workshop and  a wharehouse. We are also building a retail watersports essentials store under the office. We will carry Diving , fishing gear, we will have Quattro Sailboards  and C4 Stand Up Paddle boards for sale or rent, a range of new and  second hand surfboards Hurley Boardshorts and apparel and all the stuff you forgot to bring!!

Contact us, Book a boat trip  and we will show you the time of your life!! WE PROMISE.

If you are interested in surfing or windsurfing the Marshalls by yourself or with a couple friends, can help you book your trip


Boats Available in the Marshall Islands