Because of our new Monday – Monday schedule we strongly recommend flying through Honolulu instead of Air Nauru



Leave from Brisbane on Thursday and staying overnight in Majuro on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  On Monday morning you’ll be greeted by Indies Trader staff, and board the internal Air Marshall Islands flight to the outer atoll. You’ll be greeted again by staff on the coral runway and escorted to the boat, which will take you to the Island.


On your return, you will checkout Monday morning, and have a chance to surf, before boating over to the runway. You will board the A.M.I. flight and arrive in Majuro, where you will two nights at Hotel Robert Reimers. On Wednesday morning, you will head back to the Majuro airport, where you will fly to Brisbane and arrive 5:55PM Wednesday evening. Then connect to your flight back to Sydney or wherever you are headed.