On Sunday you will depart early HNL – MAJ, and arrive in the Marshalls on Monday 1035AM (the date change is because of the dateline). The most important thing is to get to the Honolulu airport on time! United closes the checkin about an hour before and will not let you in. We suggest getting there at 5AM. You’ll be greeted by Indies Trader staff, and board the internal Air Marshall Islands flight to the outer atoll. You’ll be greeted again by staff on the coral runway and escorted to the boat, which will take you to the Island.


On your return, you will checkout Monday morning, and have a chance to surf, before boating over to the runway. You will board the A.M.I. flight and arrive in Majuro, after a layover at the airport or possibly driving into town for lunch you will fly to Honolulu and arrive 2AM early Monday morning.


Flights to Book


Sunday 7:25AM(eg Jan 12th)


Monday 7:40PM(eg Jan 20th)

Sunday Jan 12

5:00 am – Hawaiian Time – Check in to Honolulu United Terminal


7:25 am – Hawaiian Time – Depart from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL)
  • Make sure to arrive early! United closes its ticketing and will not let you on the plane if you arrive past 630AM. We have had guests miss this flight.

Monday Jan 13

10:35 am – Arrive at Amata Kabua International Airport (MAJ)
  • Note you will arrive on Monday, because of the dateline change.
  • Clear customs, get your baggage, and our staff will meet you in the lobby outside. Our staff will meet you and you can relax in the small cafeteria or bar attached to the airport. Our staff will coordinate with Air Marshall Islands on the next leg of your trip.


Afternoon – Air Marshall Islands – to Outer Atoll
  • We will book these tickets for you ahead of time
  • No flights are included in our pricing however we do make the domestic booking for you. The domestic flight is US$320 per person round trip. There will also be surfboard charges of $100 per board bag each way (board bag up to 50lbs) and possibly overweight for excess baggage- please make sure to bring USD cash for these expenses.


Afternoon – Arrive on Outer Atoll
  • Our staff will greet you on the coral and grass runway and assist with loading your baggage onto trucks – to board a boat and head to Beran Island.
Afternoon – Board one of the Indies Trader boats and head to Beran Island
  • Depending on the swell and the time of arrival of your Air Marshall Islands flight, you may have a chance to surf on the way back towards the island. Our staff will give you the chance to put your boards together, get changed and jump in the water to wash the travel off!
5:00 pm – Check in at Beran Island

Monday  – Monday – 7 Nights

  • Enjoy your stay, surf, kite, relax

Monday Jan 20

10:00 am – Check out at Beran Island
  • Gather your belongings and check out of your room. You will have time to surf in the morning, and will head out back to the airstrip when we confirm the time of the incoming flight.


2:00 pm  – Air Marshall Islands
  • Please hold on to your return ticket given to you when you took your first Air Marshall Islands flight.  Times are approximate and will be determined by A.M.I., and will be in communication with Indies Trader.


4:00 pm – Air Marshall Islands arrival into Majuro
7:40 pm – Depart from Amata Kabua International Airport (MAJ)
  • Check your bags, and pay your departure tax to receive your boarding pass and passport. You can then wait in Harry’s Bar attached to the airport for your flight. When they call the boarding, you can cross security and into the waiting terminal. There is another small snack bar in the waiting terminal that sells snacks and beers.


Monday JAN 20 – PART 2

  • This will be your second January 20th, as you cross the dateline and start over on Monday Morning.


2:25 am – Hawaiian Time Sunday – UA 133 Arrival into Honolulu
  • You will arrive on Monday (the same day you departed Majuro, because of the dateline).