Can I make / receive phone calls?

There is a phone in the Resort however we suggest using internet calls for your stay.

There is a satellite phone on board each vessel which is available for guests at a charge of US$3.50 per minute for outgoing calls. Incoming calls will be charged to the caller but please let callers know that charges can be rather high on your next phone bill. If you expect to make or receive many phone calls we suggest that you rent a Satellite Phone before arriving in the Marshalls.

Is there Internet?

Yes there is internet when you are on Beran Island, although it is not a speedy connection as you are used to at home, if everyone decides to Facebook or upload photos at the same time it does tax the system! Normal usage is included during your stay. Email and text Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp etc is not a problem. Internet can be included on Bikini Dive charters for an additional fee and 6 weeks prior notice.

Is Beran Island Resort / boat travel suitable for children?

Yes we have had many trips bring along children and Martin’s own children have spent weeks onboard the boats and roaming around the island. With our land based accommodation, your family will be very comfortable hanging out in the rooms, wandering the island, snorkeling, or coming with on the day surf trips. Our personnel are all very child friendly and aware of safety with children.

Do you provide toiletries?

We do have some if you run out (body wash / shampoo / etc)

Do I need to bring towels?

No, At Beran Resort we have all the amenities for a luxury stay.  But if you have room in a board bag your own beach towel is a nice dry idea.

Can I bring a spear gun?

You will have to check with airline and local authorities regarding the transport of a spear gun.

What's the best way for me to get to the Marshalls?

From US – You will fly to Honolulu and stay one night and leave to Majuro in the morning.

From AUS – You have some options… but we reccomend flying to Hawaii then Majuro

Please see our Travel Section for detailed info.

Can I bring marijuana, pills, firearms etc?

Indies Trader as well as Beran Island have a ZERO tolerance policy for illegal substances. You also will put yourself in major danger of the harshest of punishments in customs.  If you have to bring it, then the trip is not right for you.

For prescription medication, please make sure to either keep the prescription in the original bottle with your name on it, or have a verifiable copy of the prescription with your name and doctors name as well.  Please remember that you are on an island with no Pharmacy for refilling prescriptions you may require, it is a good idea to bring a couple of days extra supply.

I have a specialty diet, can this be accommodated?

We will make every effort possible to accommodate any diet, please notify us well in advance so we have ample time. Due to the remoteness, there may be supply issues and we need ample time to pre-order.

Please fill out a request form, and your info will be updated in the trip notes.  The chef will be notified of all dietary notes before the trip begins and plan accordingly.

Are there sharks in the Marshalls?

Yes, but we have never seen anything more than small reef sharks.  Martin Daly & Indies Trader were instrumental in making the Marshall Islands the largest shark sanctuary on Earth.  Sharks found here are mainly black and white tip reef sharks and get no bigger than 5 feet long.  These are non-aggressive and are wonderful to go diving with.

Over the past decade, we have not encountered a single aggressive species such as a tiger or white shark.

Do I need a VISA?

If you are US, EU, Palau or FSM you are VISA Exempt and will not be charged anything.

Most other countries (Australia, Canada, NZ, Brazil, Russia & more) will be Visa on Arrival and will be charged $100 US.

Certain other countries require visa ahead of time, we can assist with this.

See Documents Page for detailed info.

Do I need to bring my SCUBA license / cert to dive?

Please be trained and knowledgable about SCUBA diving if you would like to go diving. We do not offer lessons and expect basic certification.  Please check with your PADI, NAUI, SSI website to make sure your license or cert is current.

Dive guides are available, but as with any underwater diving situation, we expect any diver to feel confident and safe underwater by themselves, and able to identify and react properly in an emergency situation.

I am a US Citizen, do I need a passport, or just a driver's license.

You NEED A PASSPORT that is current and valid with 6 months left.  Please do not show up to Majuro with a driver’s license. You will not be allowed entry.

Though the Marshall Islands uses the USD currency and was once part of the USA, it gained independence in 1986 and is its own separate country.  Please respect the country and its people and be adequately educated and prepared.

What currency is used in the Marshall Islands?

USD – Please have bills changed to USD ready for tipping etc. Money can be changed at airports for a fee, but the best bet is using an ATM in Honolulu.  This is the lowest transaction fee.

Where should I stay in Honolulu?

We recommend the Modern Hotel.  It is very cool and upscale.  Rooms are around $200 / night.

Taxi’s can be caught from the airport for around $30 to the hotel.  In the morning for your flight, taxis are always ready for you.

It is worth the extra 15 minute drive into town, as the airport hotels are not very nice.

Is the surf super gnarly?

We have a variety of waves ranging from longboard type beginner waves to insane driving barrels.  It all depends on the size, angle, and period of the swell at any given time. This comes down to the expert knowledge of our captains and surf guides who will know exactly where to go based off the skill level and experience of the group – from family group lessons to professional surf trips.

How much cash should I bring?

You’ll want to bring minimum of $600 USD.  This will cover

  • Traveling Money: $150 US
  • InterIsland Air Fare : $320 (If not paid to us ahead of time)
  • Domestic Board Bag Fees : $200 ($100 each way)
  • Souvenir money: $50 US
  • Departure Fee: $20 US
  • VISA on Arrival Fee (Non US/EU) – $100 US (more info)
  • Money for tipping the staff: $300 – $500 US



What do we do if the surf is flat?

During peak season, the surf is extremely consistent, however down days can happen.  The Marshall’s is different from places like Indonesia however, because flat days can be just as rewarding and fun.  The diving is the best in the world with 200 hundred foot visibility and flourishing underwater reef and fish.  Wind sports can be learned, islands explored, and deep sea fishing.

You will not have a single day you are bored.

Do you provide diving equipment?

We provide tanks, BCD’s, hoses & regulators.  We do have some extra masks & fins etc, but if you are serious about diving, please bring your own mask, fins, snorkels, dive computers, etc.

What is the wind like?

The Marshall Islands have tradewinds and weather – much like most places in the tropics. Generally speaking the wind will be side/off shore at the top of a surf break, and as the wave peels and bends into the inside, the wind will be offshore. We have a number of breaks that face different directions – so depending on the wind and swell we can nearly always find somewhere that has good conditions.

What type of electric outlets are on the Island?

We use standard US 110v outlets on Beran Resort. If you are coming from the US, no converters or adapters are needed.

If you are coming from a country that uses different type of outlet, please bring some adapters that will work with standard US plugs.