You will have an overnight in Majuro, generally after your stay on Beran.  Because of a new flight added to United, we now have our guests coming Saturday – Saturday, with an overnight in Majuro Saturday night, and taking the United flight on Sunday night back to Honolulu. If you are coming from Air Nauru, you may have an overnight before or possibly after as well.

We will help to arrange your transport & hotel once in Majuro.  We are in constant communication with our operating partner in Majuro – the Hotel Robert Reimers.

Once you book your flights and make your deposit with us to confirm your booking, we will direct you to fill out the Overnight in Majuro Form. Please fill out your details, and what time of room you would like to book, as well as if you will be sharing with any other guests.  No money will be required to confirm the room, but we do want to make sure you have a room confirmed and the staff expecting your arrival.

We recommend the Bungalow Rooms or Lanai Rooms, which are on the water, clean and can sleep one to two people easily.

Suite: Single – $250.00 / Double – $265.00
Standard: Single – $135.00 / Double – $145.00

Lanai Rooms:
Single – $110.00 / Double – $115.00

Economy Rooms (Ground Level):
Single – $89.00 / Double – $99.00

Inside Economy (Upstairs):
Single – $89.00 / Double – $99.00

Transfer charge of $10 round trip per person will be added for airport transfers

The restaurant at the hotel, the Tide Table, is the best restaurant in Majuro and has as nice bar as well. There are some souvenir shops, grocery stores, a spa, the Indies Trader local office all within walking distance.

Your driver will gather you around 3 or 4pm on Sunday to take you back to the airport and get on your evening flight. Please checkout and have your bags ready for the driver. Your emergency contacts in Majuro will be – Colette Reimers at Hotel Robert Reimers (692)625-3250 or Ramsey Reimers (692)455-7226.

Overnight in Majuro Request Form


$89-230 per night
$10 airport transfer each way
Food & Internet not included

Request Form

Overnight Request Form
Required after booking at Beran

Local Contact

Colette or Ramsay Reimers