Meanwhile a long term friend of mine contacted me and asked to charter the boat with a few of his friends from Bali, all local cool guys who promised to keep their mouths shut. I agreed mainly as I could not wait to get back up there to Sumatra. My friend sent me some money and I provisioned the boat. I kept on hassling him for a crew list and when I finally got it a week before departure I was furious. The list included Tom Carrol, Martin Potter, Ross Clarke-Jones and Stewart Cadden-all pro Surfers, betrayed again! I wanted to give them their money back and cancel the trip but I had already spent all the money on provisioning the boat. I also realized that the word had gotten out and my weak justification was that at least I would have 2 weeks to convince them to keep it quiet. We had an amazing trip 15 to 18ft waves. It never got below 6ft for ten days. We surfed 8ft telescopes for 3 days some of the best 6 to 8ft Lances lefts I have ever seen and epic Macaronis. In the end we went in early as we were surfed out. The boys still refer to it as “the surf trip” We did not hear of or see any other surfers on that trip.

Later that year while moored alongside the wharf at Merak, West Java a vessel alongside the Volcanic caught on fire taking out the Volcanic and another vessel. The owner of the Boat’s wife and infant son were burnt alive.

The next year after completing the rig support contract the Indies Trader did 3 trips to the islands, another trip with Pottz and the crew from Newport, the first Ripcurl Search trip, and a trip with Murray Bourton and crew. Late that year in September a person, who had been in my partner’s office trying to promote a marina hotel development near Jakarta, Rick Cameron showed up at Macaroni’s.

The next year the Surf Travel Co turned up with 3 boats, one of them was lost on its second charter on the reef at Lances Rights. Cameron comes up with his idea to control the island chain for himself. He says that we are either with him or not allowed to surf the islands. I give him the obvious reply- No I do not agree an entirely predictable response.