Towards the end of 1990 I scored a job to salvage a crane that had fallen off a timber barge at Sipora Island, part of the Mentawai Island chain off of Sumatra. I could not believe my luck. I had been dying to go there for years. My friend from Jakarta, Danny Madre had been up there earlier in the year and had raved about some surf he had found. He showed me video tape of him and his brother surfing breaks he had called “Macaronis” and “Telescopes” somewhere in the area. We struck a deal that we would not share location information with each other but we would stick with code names for the breaks with each other if one of us could prove that we had surfed the break first.

The salvage job went well in fact we located and recovered the crane by lunchtime the first day. For the next few weeks we explored and surfed great waves. I had 2 other surfers with me Rick Green and Ross Hannon.

We surfed “Diablo’s”, “Iceland’s”, “Lances Lefts”, “Lances Rights”, “Screamers” and “Debuts”. We ran into a character called Lance McNight at a really good right hander. We were so impressed with him actually being there and after establishing that he was the first surfer to surf the wave that we named the wave in honour of him. Lance jumped on board and came back with us to Jakarta.