The Mentawais Islands have oily glass conditions most of the time, with air temps in the 80’s to 90’s, and water temps in the mid to high 80’s as well.  We will get occasional rain events, but usually they only last a few hours.  The sun can be extremely powerful right near the equator, so make sure to prepare properly – high perfomance sun screens, rash guards, hats, and plenty of hydration.

Mosquitos are not a problem once you are out on the boat in the ocean, the only cause for concern for malaria is in densely populated areas, and we head to areas that no one else goes to.  Consult your doctor for more advice on this topic.

Surf is year round, and comes from the South Indian Ocean, we generally have surf almost every day of a trip, flat days are rare.  To maximize the chance of 1 to 2 really good swells, our trips are 12 days to ensure many memorable sessions.



Currently in Indonesia we have the Indies Trader 3 & the Ratu Motu. Either boat will be your live aboard hotel – air conditioning, freshly made beds, laundry, meals, snacks, sodas & beer, and entertainment all at your disposal when you are not in the water or exploring the islands.

Our TVs are stocked with hundreds of movies and the latest TV shows to watch at night or during off times.  Feel free to bring DVD’s or movies on usb drives to watch with your group, and iPods or iPhones to hook up to our stereos.

We have wifi aboard both boats that is fast enough for emails, VPN access, chats, browsing etc.  We do not allow video streaming as it will limit bandwidth for other passengers.  Laptops, tablets and iPhones are welcome, see Packing page for specific info on chargers and adapters.



We take pride in the high quality ingredients, preparation and presentation of our food for every guest of every trip.  Our chefs are traditionally trained either in the US or Australia, and bring with them years of experience and diversity.  Locally grown vegetables and fruits, high quality meat, freshly caught fish & imported high quality specialty ingredients are all included in every galley and stocked to the brim on every trip.

Specialty diets are all accommodated – vegetarian, vegan, low carb, low fat, paleo, etc – Please send us a note prior to your trip and we will add a note on the trip notes, notifying the chef ahead of time &  stocking accordingly with extra specialty foods if necessary.


Daily Routine

  • Wake up early, the boat will be headed from an anchorage to a surf break
  • Head upstairs for fresh Sumatra coffee, and a breakfast spread of cereal, toast, fresh fruits or order hot food from the kitchen
  • Take a look at the first surf spot, get your gear ready and changed
  • Jump in the tin boat and get taken out to the line up
  • Surf all morning
  • Greeted back on board with a fresh shower, a fresh towel, and cold juice and water as your board gets stowed away safely
  • Rinse and Repeat with breaks for more breakfast, lunch, snacks, naps and beers
  • As the sun goes down, people relax and change for 5 star dinners with 3 course meals, dessert, wine, beverages etc
  • Talk story, share photos, and watch a movie before going to sleep early in one of our favorite anchorages