We currently are running 100 panels on the roof of the resort.  The total power output for the panels is 28 kilowatts, all running into a large battery backup array. The batteries can provide backup power all night of course, but also can sustain resort power even with a couple days without sun.  In conjunction with the wind turbines which are now running 24/7, we almost never run the generator.  The backup 22 Kilowatt Yanmar autostart generator is hooked into the same system, which can top off the batteries should there be no wind or sun for an extended period.

It is a truly off grid setup, with the nearest utility company hundreds of nautical miles away.

We tapped the expertise of Charlie Cowden, of Hanalei Solar in Kauai and Roland Shackleford, of Renewable Energy Services in Maui for this clean and extremely robust setup.

Solar Panels

100 Panels on the roof of the resort

Power Output

28 Kilowatts

Power Storage

80 Kilowatt hour battery backup