Coming from Europe you have a number of options, but we would recommend going through Honolulu.

This would be the most painless way to do it, arriving into Honolulu anytime on Thursday, doing an overnight in Honolulu and then flying to Majuro on Friday morning. Most people recommend flying through the US, and then connecting to your flight to Honolulu.

Via Honolulu

12:20PM Thursday Jan 10 – Depart London Heathrow to San Francisco

4:47PM Thursday – Depart San Francisco to Honolulu, arriving into Honolulu 720PM

Overnight in Honolulu – we recommend the Modern Hotel

7:25AM Friday – Depart Honolulu to Majuro – please see travel from Honolulu to see the remainder of the flight



Saturday Jan 19 – Check out of Beran Resort – Overnight in Majuro

7:40PM – Sunday Jan 20 – Majuro to Honolulu flight

arrive into Honolulu 2AM Sunday Jan 20 (because of dateline you will arrive the same day you left Majuro)

7:10AM – Sunday Jan 20 – Honolulu to Los Angeles

arrive into Los Angeles at 230PM

550PM – Sunday Jan 20 – Los Angeles to Heathrow

arrive into Heathrow 12:20 PM on Monday Jan 21


Via Guam

This flight involves the “milk run” or the stop and go flight from Guam to Majuro, with 4 stops in between. This is 8 hours and a pretty tedious flight. We think flying through Honolulu is a better flight.

7:25pm Wednesday Jan 9 – Depart London Heathrow to Incheon Seoul

7:35PM Thursday – Depart Incheon Seoul to Guam, arriving Guam 1AM Friday

820AM Friday РDepart Guam to Majuro (with 4 stops at Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Kwajalein)

Arrive into Majuro 7:25PM Friday – Overnight in Majuro

Saturday afternoon – Return to airport for interisland flight to the outer atoll



Saturday Jan 19 – Check out of Beran Resort – 2 Nights in Majuro

11:30AM РMonday  Jan 21 РMajuro to Guam

arrive into Guam 5:55PM

6:50PM – Monday Jan 21 – Guam to Hong Kong

arrive into Hong Kong 9:50PM

11:55PM – Monday Jan 21 – Hong Kong to Heathrow

arrive into Heathrow 5:30 AM on Tuesday Jan 22