In 1982, Martin Daly ran into Dave and the vessel out in the Arco Ardjuna Oilfield. Martin was working as a commercial diver on a large platform inspection vessel. Martin invited Dave and his crew onboard for dinner and Martin quickly realized that he had run into one of Australasia’s genuine diving legends. Martin fell in love with the vessel immediately. Dave had a contract to clean the marine growth off several production platforms and for a few weeks they worked in the same area and got to know each other pretty well. Later that year Martin chartered the vessel from Dave and he and 5 friends went to Panaitan, the south coast of Sumatra and some of the offshore Islands, discovering One Palm Point and other breaks in that region.

In 1983 after returning from a 6 month stint as a saturation diver in Japan, Dave hired Martin as diving crew on the Rader. For the next three years Dave taught him about salvage and explosives and he passed on his knowledge about underwater inspection. Martin was amazed at how well set up the vessel was and the variety of work they could perform using her.

In 1986 Dave decided to retire to Perth, Australia and Martin offered to buy the boat. Martin recalls “I didn’t have anywhere near enough money but after much maneuvering, with some financing from Dave and pulling in a partner, Frank Taylor in late 1986 we were the proud owners of the infamous Rader.”