Bigger, faster, better accommodations, better service, better food,

better everything. Armed and dangerous!”

-Martin Daly


Every Year

The Ratu Motu, currently serving the Mentwais Islands in Indonesia, will voyage from the Mentawai Islands in the West to the the remote corners of the western part of Indonesia. West Papua annually. Moving with the seasons we cruise the whole Indo Pacific Coast of Indonesia and beyond – we guarantee our guests a true wilderness experience, with rich culture, isolation, privacy and good waves with no crowds.

We have systematically explored this entire region over the last 30 years and believe it to be one of the world’s last frontiers of untouched natural wonders.

No other organization has even close to the experience we have bring you safely and comfortably to these remote locations and no other vessel can take you there in such luxury.

How Many on the boat?

The Ratu Motu can complement up 20 guests, with 2 Master Suits, 6 Queen Suites, and many double berth cabins. The crew consists of the captain and the chef and up to 10-12 crew members depending on the size of the trip.


More Details

The standard trip duration is 12 days / 13 nights, two days longer than most of our competitors. We stay out for these two extra days to ensure that our guests have the opportunity to surf at least one solid swell during their stay, but in all likelihood we usually encounter two, sometimes three significant swell events during our scheduled charter dates. If you’re going to travel halfway across the world those two extra days are worth their weight in gold.
All meals, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and the use of all the ships recreational and entertainment facilities. Excluded in the charter rates are use of the ships satellite communications system, and the use of the ships helicopter when available these of which will be charged separately.
We have satellite wifi that is sufficient for browsing the web, answering emails, connecting to work VPN networks. Curretnly we ask that you not stream video from on demand services.
All of our Captains know where to go to escape the crowds and find the best waves possible.Martin is in constant contact with all the boats with updated weather & surf forecasting modules and needless to say the Indies Trader boats score empty perfection more often than anyone because they actively seek out the best wave/wind conditions day in and day out.
The Indies Trader fleet can boast the best and longest track record of uninterrupted scheduled charters in the industry. Each boat undergoes an annual survey and full ocean going safety equipment test to Solas International Standards. Each boat carries comprehensive loss and liability insurance as a passenger carrying commercial craft.