The MV Windward is a terrific diving support vessel. From a diving perspective it is a great platform. Stable, and plenty of dive kit, backups, breather support, safety support etc. You couldn’t ask for more. The crew onboard are totally dedicated to ensuring that you have a great time. The deck crew are always there to assist you, with a smile!


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Dive Platform

The dive platform is spacious, comfortable and stable. There is plenty or room for dive gear, camera gear etc. You will love it! The dive ladder descends 1.75 metres into the water making exiting hassle free. Entry is done by giant stride from the side of the vessel, or off the stern platform.




Hyperbaric Decompression Onboard

MV Windward is equipped with a well setup deco station with 12, 6 and 3 metre bars. This deco bar is either deployed at the stern of the main boat itself when moored on a dive site, or from the service boat when running live. A separate line has a cylinder of O2 hanging at a depth of 6 metres, and a cylinder of EAN50 (50% O2) hanging at 15 metres. MV Windward is equipped with a 48-inch twin lock chamber deck hyperbaric decompression chamber, purchased in the USA, to provide safety for advanced remote location sport and technical diving.





There is Nitrox, O2, Helium and Sorb for the tech diving guys, steel and aluminium twinsets, deco pony bottles etc. We don’t provide personal equipment (i.e. masks, fins, wetsuits, dive torches, dive computers etc.) so you’ll need to bring it with you. There are two Bauer K14 high pressure compressors with a double filtration system for air fills. Plus two Haskel HP O2 Boosters with 9 x HP O2 banked cylinder racks.