The surf in the Marshalls is predominantly right handers and is is as good as anywhere we have ever seen. Surf ranges from “gentleman” waves to smokin barrels. North West to North East swells are most frequent between mid October to mid April. Still waves to be discovered! four so far this season. There are south swell spots that get waves occasionally during the Summer but its the northern Pacific winter storms that provides 90% of the waves with up to 6 swells a month during the peak of the season. There is also a consistent 10sec NE windswell from the trades that fetch across from the eastern Pacific that provides fun softer waves between groundswells.

Swell forecasting is reliable and we can normally tell a week out whats in store. The wind is pretty well always offshore and at times can be pretty constant over 15 knots but the surf handles it well. (break out the Windsurfer or Kiteboard!!) If you want consistent Mentawai like oily conditons then the Marshalls is not for you. If you like surfing real waves with no one else, like clear water, fishing , diving, want to try towing into empty perfect waves and love playing in the ocean in a pristine environment then the Marshalls should not be missed.